DUREX PLASTER BOND is readily available in 1 litre and 4 litre containers, 18.9 litre pails and 45 gallon (205 litres) drums.

Water Based Bonder For Gypsum Plaster

Product Description:
DUREX PLASTER BOND is a water based primer for the bonding of gypsum plasters. Available in light blue or white colours.

DUREX PLASTER BOND primer is used to establish the bond between new gypsum plaster and concrete, existing gypsum plaster, drywall and other solid substrates.


  • Permanent adhesion to substrate
  • Pigmented for easy identification of primed and unprimed surfaces
  • Available in white or light blue colours for better blending with colour of final finish
  • Can be re-emulsified even after it has dried
  • Non-toxic
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